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10 Reasons To Choose Mile High Animal Hospital of Aurora: A Great Aurora Vet Clinic

Low Stress Handling For Pets | Mile High Animal Hospital of Aurora

One strategy for low-stress handling is to divert the animal’s attention with a delicious treat while the veterinarian completes the examination. In this instance, a golden retriever named Avalanche is distracted by peanut butter on a paddle, and happily undergoes a physical exam.

If you’re looking for a great Aurora vet clinic, Mile High Animal Hospital of Aurora is the best choice. We offer a unique blend of medical excellence, compassionate care, and a single-minded focus on creating healthier, happier lives for your pets. Here’s a look at the many reasons why Mile High Animal Hospital of Aurora should be your Aurora vet clinic of choice and what makes us different.

A Low-stress Experience for your Pets

The staff members at Mile High Animal Hospital of Aurora are specially trained and committed to a kinder, gentler approach to working with animals in veterinary environments. We use low-stress, low-restraint handling methods and positive reinforcement to help pets visiting us be more relaxed and happy.

A Low-stress Experience for Pet Parents

A happy, relaxed pet makes for a happy, relaxed pet parent. At Mile High Animal Hospital of Aurora, we make sure our pet parents get some TLC, too.  For pet parents, we offer great communication, explanation and education about what’s going on with your pet, lots of time with your veterinarian and vet tech, digital records, an online store, a convenient mobile app to request appointments, and more.

High-quality Veterinary Medicine

Customized care for the needs of each dog or cat, plus advanced equipment, and a highly competent staff with some of the most extensive training you’ll find in Colorado.

Caring Staff of Animal Lovers

All of our team members discovered their passion for animals early in life, and they are all animal-centered in their approach to veterinary medicine.

AAHA-accredited veterinary hospital | Mile High Animal Hospital of Aurora



Top-notch Credentials

Mile High Animal Hospital of Aurora holds some of the strongest credentials in the industry. Our Aurora vet clinic passed rigorous standards to be accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA). We’re also Gold-certified by the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP).

State-of-the-Art, Pet-friendly Facility

We built our animal hospital from the ground up with all sorts of pet-friendly design features. Some examples include:

A double door at the entrance to ensure that animals don't get away from their owners and escape out a doorway;

Waiting areas that segregate animals for less interaction and less stress for cats & dogs;

Shift from fluorescent to natural light (better for animals and people);

Enclosed, covered courtyard for pet “nature breaks” while waiting;

Seamless, textured floor to give pets better traction;

Special drawers in the treatment & kennel area which stores leashes, collars & harnesses out of reach of “chronic chewers”… and more.

We’re also off the grid; our animal hospital is powered by geothermal energy coming from the earth.

Reception & Prescription Pet Food | Mile High Animal Hospital of Aurora

Our hospital features a clean, modern design that houses state-of-the-art equipment, comfortable exam rooms & waiting areas, and operating room & general treatment areas.

Class 4 Therapeutic Laser for Dogs & Cats | Mile High Animal Hospital of Aurora

Mile High Animal Hospital of Aurora offers traditional & alternative medicine for dogs & cats, including veterinary laser therapy.

Alternative Medicine Offered for Dogs & Cats

We offer alternative medicine for cats and dogs that complement traditional medicine with Laser Therapy for dogs & cats, using Class 4 lasers (the best therapeutic laser equipment).

Gold-certified, Cat-friendly Veterinary Hospital | Mile High Animal Hospital of Aurora




Certified Cat-friendly Practice

Mile High Animal Hospital of Aurora is one of only 7 Gold-certified Cat-friendly Veterinary Practices in the state of Colorado.  We earned this designation because we’ve taken extra steps to decrease stress and provide a more calming environment for cats. Our staff is trained in feline-friendly handling and cat behavior. We also offer a feline-only exam room and a feline-only treatment ward.

Continuing Education Keeps Our Staff Up To Speed On New Developments in Veterinary Medicine

Veterinary professionals are required to have a certain amount of continuing education each year to stay fresh with their skills. Mile High Animal Hospital of Aurora goes far beyond the basic standards and invests in more ongoing medical training and continuing education every year than is required to maintain our license to practice veterinary medicine.

Open 7 Days A Week

To accommodate the busy schedules of today’s pet parents, Mile High Animal Hospital is open 7 days a week, with evening hours, too.