Our History

Mile High Animal Hospital of Aurora
Mile High Animal Hospital of Aurora first opened in the Saddle Rock neighborhood of Aurora in 2002.

Mile High Animal Hospital of Aurora History & Milestones

The history of Mile High Animal Hospital of Aurora started in 1995, when Dr. Ilan Waskow was graduated from veterinary school and immediately began envisioning a unique approach to veterinary practice. In those early years, he gained experience at a variety of facilities, ranging from a 14-doctor, 24-hour hospital to a 2-doctor veterinary clinic, each with different philosophies and different goals. None, however, fit his picture of what a veterinary practice could and should offer the community. Those years of service helped him understand that the best veterinary practice would incorporate principles dependent on respect for animals and their human families, offering the best advice possible for treatment, and providing care at a fair price.


With his founding principles firmly set, Dr. Waskow set out to convert his vision into reality here in Colorado. He and his wife Meg researched where there was a true need for another veterinary clinic, and opened their veterinary hospital in the Saddle Rock neighborhood in southeast metro Denver.

Mile High Animal Hospital of Aurora opened in May of 2002 and immediately enjoyed a warm welcome from the Saddle Rock community. For the first five years, Dr. Waskow was the only veterinarian, working 6 days each week taking care of pets and their families. He was assisted by a carefully selected team of Certified Veterinary Technicians (CVTs) who shared his vision and values of veterinary care.


From the very start, the vet techs at Mile High Animal Hospital of Aurora have been extensively trained and certified. In some veterinary clinics, a team member will be trained to perform vet tech duties. In contrast, Dr. Waskow insists that all veterinary technicians on the team must have graduated from a rigorous two-year, accredited, vet-tech program, and passed the national veterinary technician certification exam, as well as completing annual continuing education requirements, and maintaining their certification from the Colorado Association of Certified Veterinary Technicians.

Mile High Animal Hospital of Aurora | Certified Veterinary Technicians
Mile High Animal Hospital of Aurora requires that all its veterinary technicians are go through a rigorous training program and a state exam to become certified.

Alternative Veterinary Medicine for Dogs & Cats Offered in 2010 At Mile High Animal Hospital of Aurora

Alternative medicine for dogs & cats | Denver & Aurora Colorado

September 2010 was transformational time for Mile High Animal Hospital of Aurora’s medical offerings: it was the year that Dr. Waskow and his team began offering alternative veterinary medicine and for some very specific reasons. At that time, the only non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug approved by the FDA for use in cats came with a strong warning for its risk of contributing to acute renal failure. Dr. Waskow was dismayed that he no longer had a safe and effective treatment for inflammation in cats, and he sought out alternatives to help give pain relief without harming pets. After extensive research on Class IV Laser Therapy, he invested in therapeutic lasers as an alternative to a drug that had become known for causing kidney failure in cats.

Mile High Animal Hospital of Aurora Builds New, State-of-the-Art Facility in 2012

By 2012, the veterinary practice had outgrown the initial location and moved to a nearby free-standing building. In addition to the high medical and ethical standards set forth for the vet clinic, Dr. Waskow also believes in environmental stewardship. To that end, the new building was developed with geothermal heating, solar tubes to provide natural light, and a commitment to a strong recycling program. Energy-efficient LED lighting also manifests throughout the new clinic, and solar panels are planned for the future.


This new building afforded the opportunity to incorporate all sorts of design elements designed purely for the comfort, safety, and security of pets. Careful thought was put into virtually all aspects of the build-out. The result is an animal hospital that provides many touches that you won’t find at other animal hospitals. Examples include:


  • A specially designed double-door entryway into the animal hospital that prevents animals from escaping out the front door if their pet parent lets go of the leash
  • Half-walls in the waiting area that help segregate animals and prevent them from interacting with other animals also in the waiting area to reduce stress
  • Seamless, textured flooring that gives cats & dogs more traction and secure footing
  • A special, covered, outdoor area that is fenced and secured for puppy parties and training classes
  • A feline-only exam room and a feline-only hospitalization ward
  • An array of state-of-the-art veterinary equipment both for general treatment and diagnostics, as well as in the operating room
  • A quiet, home-like euthanasia room that help the pet parent and the pet feel more comfortable, and a private side exit that allows bereaved pet parents to leave the facility privately after their pet is gone
New Building | Mile High Animal Hospital of Aurora
Mile High Animal Hospital of Aurora designed & built a new animal hospital in 2012 designed from the ground up for the comfort, safety & needs of dogs & cats who visit.
Reception & Pet Waiting Area | Mile High Animal Hospital of Aurora
Mile High Animal Hospital of Aurora operates out of a new, state-of-the-art building that opened in 2012.

2014 Brings Low-Stress, Low-Restraint Handling Techniques to Mile High Animal Hospital of Aurora

Low Stress Handling For Pets | Mile High Animal Hospital of Aurora
One strategy for low-stress handling is to divert the animal’s attention with a delicious treat while the veterinarian completes the examination. In this instance, a golden retriever named Avalanche is distracted by peanut butter on a paddle, and happily undergoes a physical exam.

2014 was another pivotal year that changed the way Mile High Animal Hospital staffers interact with cats & dogs in the course of treatment and veterinary care. This was the year that Dr. Waskow attended a continuing education seminar on Low-Stress, Low-Restraint Handling Techniques for animals in veterinary environments. The seminar leader demonstrated how to significantly reduce pets’ anxiety in veterinary hospitals. These same Low-Stress Handling Techniques also reduce the risk that veterinary team members could be injured by a frightened patient.


Since then, Mile High Animal Hospital of Aurora has embarked on a major initiative to incorporate Low-Stress, Low-Restraint Handling Techniques into the way the staff interacts with cats and dogs at the clinic for treatment. All staff members at Mile High Animal Hospital have received extensive training in these animal handling techniques, and this Aurora vet clinic is the leader in providing a low-stress experience for scaredy cats and dogs in Colorado.


Over time, the practice has incorporated the latest research, advanced technology, and unique approaches to find new ways to give pets happier, healthier lives. The team at Mile High Animal Hospital of Aurora is grateful and honored to have been entrusted with providing the very best care to clients’ beloved pets for so many years.