Free Pet Health Information

Free Pet Health Information for Dogs & Cats from Mile High Animal Hospital of Aurora

Mile High Animal Hospital of Aurora’s team of expert veterinarians offer a wealth of free pet health information for dogs & cats. In this section, you’ll find free pet health advice and information designed to build more informed and knowledgeable pet parents of dogs and cats. We’ll be adding more information over time. Please check back periodically to learn more!


Pet Parent Guide To Laser Therapy for Dogs & Cats

Learn about how laser therapy for dogs & cats can help your pets achieve healing from laser light that’s beamed deep into tissues to help them heal from injury or surgery, or deal with chronic conditions.


Pet Parent Guide to Low-stress, Low-restraint Handling Techniques

Learn about innovative, low-stress, low-restraint handling techniques that make your dog or cat’s visit to Mile High Animal Hospital of Aurora a pleasant, calm experience.